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DQScript Changelog

Majority of updates are performed silently and once a major update cycle is completed we post them on our website.

Version Details


(Current Version)
  • Several bug fixes
  • Several security updates
  • Removed Blocktrail gateway
  • Added as a ticker option for BTC
  • Revamped email templates
  • Added Header and Footer for email templates
  • Added Ripple, Monero, Tron and Dash.
  • Added a possibility to add bonus to balance in packages.
  • Updated api
  • Updated coinpayments api
  • Added experimental feature where api requesting ip for PM can be set to hosting dedicated ip to prevent bans


  • Admin UI redesigned
  • Upgraded to more stable underlying framework.
  • Added Paykassa & Blocktrail for bitcoin and other cryptos
  • Added Dogecoin
  • Email instead of username in login required
  • Custom earning interval. for e.g. ever 3 days,4 days etc.
  • Representative levels added
  • Referral and Representative commissions separated.


  • New admin UI
  • New default site UI
  • Smarty engine used for templates
  • Minor bug fixes and security updates


  • Bugfix in processor
  • Added optional payment batch for last withdrawals site statistics module
  • Bugfix for direct earnings to wallet
  • Added representative system
  • Bugfix for cron email in auto-withdrawal
  • Bugfix for session problem after logging out.
  • Visual Bugfix for calculator
  • Now 0 earnings will be inserted on non-earning days.
  • Bugfix for Payeer processor
  • Bugfix for Perfectmoney processor
  • Bugfix for payment directly to account
  • Bugfix in auto payout email template
  • Added optional module for continuous earning
  • Added "disable auto withdraw" in investment package
  • Bugfix for manual crypto rate
  • Added Experimental Rate Type
  • Bugfix for crypto manual rate


  • Minimum PHP requirement is 5.4.x now.
  • Bugfix in multilang feature
  • Bugfix in qrcode generation for payments.
  • Bugfix in other ref levels commission
  • Bugfix in internal transfer code
  • Bugfix in invitation code sending.
  • Bugfix in earnings calculation for weekends.
  • Removed xframe restriction.
  • Bugfix in e-notation display
  • Added two more email templates
  • Crypto txn fee optional now
  • Secondary ques/ans now optional in signup page.
  • Bugfix in calculator


  • Updated system calculations to 10 decimal places
  • Bugfix in truncating trailing zeros
  • New feature to show site in multi languages.
  • Set Main locale to english
  • Bugfix in icon display in datatables.
  • Added webhooks for payments. This is valid for paid accounts only.
  • Separated index into header and footer in main default template.
  • Bugfix in routing logic.
  • Bugfix in admin packages section.
  • Added additional requirement in installation for raw_post_data php.ini setting.
  • Now crypto payments can be cancelled from payment page.
  • Bugfix in rate fetch.
  • Bugfix in
  • Added possibility to change primary currency of the site.
  • Added minor documentation in admin panel.
  • Added new option in installation to select primary site currency.
  • Added standalone rates tab in admin site settings.


  • Bugfix in update system
  • Bugfix in fetching rate for ltc and btc
  • Bugfix in auto withdrawals
  • Bugfix in IP fetching to show 1 IP instead of 2.
  • Bugfix in new deposit
  • Bugfix in Blockio API
  • Added new IP for coinpayments IPN
  • Bugfix in setting captcha length in admin to be reflected in site.
  • Added a feature where max active deposit limit per user per package can be set in admin.
  • Internal Cron can be set to run from a seletive Ips only.
  • Bugfix in deposit to account.
  • Newsletter title can have tags too in admin.


  • Bugfix for update system
  • Deposit feature internal update
  • Bugfix for compounding value setting in member panel
  • Bugfix for compound settings in admin
  • Bugfix for display glitch for compounding in inline calculator


  • Added payment processor
  • Bug fix for receiving deposits
  • Added manual rate feature for BTC/LTC. This allows setting of manual rates for BTC/LTC.
  • Added Cron feature.
  • Added ability to pay earnings directly to user ecurrency account. This setting requires cron to be set as "Internal".
  • Added documentation for processors about setting SCI and API and site settings.
  • Added ability to export transactions to "csv" format in admin panel.
  • GMP library is required not to install the script.


  • Bug fix for testimonials and news modules.
  • Deposits/Active Deposits can be viewed in investment packages in admin panel.
  • Bug fix in financial graph in admin panel.
  • Bug fix in withdrawal page when no processors are active.
  • Changed custom page url
  • Bug fix in PM API
  • Added EUR (Pefectmoney-EUR, Payeer-EUR, Advcash-EUR, Payza-EUR etc)

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