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DQScript (v 3)

With this software, an Investment Manager can manage unlimited number of investments from customers. He can set unlimited packages with fixed/variable plans, pay via many payment processors including Bitcoin and Litecoin, answer their tickets during emergencies, view his periodical earnings, create referral programs and even block accounts/ips when needed for safety. View complete features below.

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Member Demo
  • User: | Pass: demo
Admin Demo
  • User: admin | Pass: admin

Member Features

  • Intuitive account dashboard showing detailed financial and other account related informations.
  • A member can see his /her deposits history which can be filtered by amount, id, date range and status.
  • New deposit section also shows individual package details when selected.It also shows fees included and "Amount to pay" before payment.
  • A member can either deposit to wallet or package as set by admin.
  • All table data can be exported to csv for offline viewing.
  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled from "edit profile" section.
  • Referral section is available for viewing referrals list and earnings if allowed by admin.
  • A member can also create/view support tickets.
  • Deposit calculator is available in 'new deposit' section.
  • A member can also send funds to another member if allowed by admin.
  • Instant withdrawals are available if set by admin. Fees and "amount to receive" are shown during withdrawal.
  • Comprehensive transactions history section which lists all transactions by type. It can be filtered too.
  • Pending deposits/withdrawals can be seen. Pending withdrawals can also be cancelled.
  • A member can see his/her access logs to check for any suspicious activity.
  • Exchange system is also available if set by admin which is used for exchanging funds between processors.
  • A member can write a testimonial and also view his/her past testimonials.
  • Wallet accounts of the processors can be set in profile section which can be locked too.

Admin Features

  • Full featured dashboard to show financial information about site.
  • Admin can create/view/manage/delete users.He can also block/suspend a user.
  • Admin can create/manage investment packages.Variable plans are also available to pay interests on calendar dates.
  • Admin can create unlimited plans for a package.Compound system can be set for a package.
  • Admin can create unlimited custom processors for manual deposits/withdrawals such as Bank wire.System processors can be edited.
  • Admin can edit API/SCI details for system processors.
  • Admin can set deposit/withdrawal/internal fees for each processor.
  • Admin can view all transactions and see the details of each.
  • Admin can see all running/expired deposit.He can release funds from a deposit or change package too if requested by user.
  • Admin can see pending deposits/withdrawals and also toggle their status in few clicks.
  • Admin can send bonus/penalty to users or a group of users based on certain conditions.
  • Admin can send newsletters.
  • Admin can send notifications to users who can see in their member panel.
  • Admin can view/reply to user tickets and can also mass close/reopen them.He/She can also create help topics and ticket departments.
  • There are numerous settings namely site settings, exchange settings, referral settings, modules etc.
  • Site settings contain settings for individual user section such as "Withdrawal", "Deposit" etc.Admin set site name and as site emails.
  • Admin can allow users to exchange by enabling exchange system from exchange settings.He/She can set rates for exchange pairs too.
  • Admin can manage direct referral programs and also set fees and minimum amount settings for other ref levels.
  • Admin can manage 4 modules namely site information, site stats, plans and news which can be easily set and can be shown anywhere in the site.
  • Admin can even set a secondary password to secure sensitive areas in admin panel and can also set Ips which can access admin panel.
  • Site can also be put in maintenance mode during emergencies.
  • Admin can even blacklist a user's processor account and also Ips.
  • Admin can edit email templates which are used to send emails to users for various purposes.
  • Admin can create/edit/delete news for the site.
  • Admin can approve/unapprove testimonials of members.
  • A file manager area is available which can be handy for admin to edit, view files without logging into FTP panel.
  • Admin can also check for duplicate Ips and take actions for such.
  • Admin can edit his/her profile.

System Requirements

  • Hosting Panel: Cpanel (Preferred)
  • PHP 5.6
  • Mysql 5.x
  • Sourceguardian Loader
  • GD Library
  • Curl Library
  • GMP Library
  • Intl PHP extension
  • Bcmath Library