Frequently asked questions and their answers.

Devquill is a web agency registered in UK which provides services and solutions especially for INVESTMENT industry . Our team consists of freelancers from all over the world who have expertise in various fields such as web development, marketing, software security and web designing.
Our endeavour is to boost the standards INVESTMENT industry by providing software and services which will benefit both admins and investors in INVESTMENT industry.

Devquill is the official seller of DQScript which is a investment manager script. You can buy a lifetime license from here. DQScript also comes with many free and paid templates.

Apart from this, we provide a variety of services including Custom Design, UK Ltd. Company Formation and much more. View all our services. You can also request a custom service.

We are always trying to improve our customer support and increase our services and software inventory. We hope to stay long in this industry and build a stable relationship with our customers.

Yes for all services & purchase of DQScript License you need to pay the full amount upfront.

It is pretty simple. Please follow the steps below

  1. Register an account here. You will get an activation email after registration. Make sure to enter a valid email address.
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Go to Products page.
  4. Enter number of licenses (default is 1). Only one domain can be bound to a license.
  5. Select payment method and click "Pay now".
  6. After payment go to "Manage Licenses" in member panel. Click on "Inactive Licenses"
  7. Click "Activate" on desired license and set a domain it will run on.
  8. Download the license. You will find license key in the same page which will be needed during installation.
  1. Extract the zip contents in the document root of your server which is usually "public_html" folder.
  2. Go to [[your domain]]/installation via your browser. For e.g if your domain is abc.com then you will go to abc.com/installation.
  3. Follow the step by step instructions and enter details as required.

Yes we do. You can know the discount value when enter number of licenses in products page.

  1. PHP version must be >=5.5
  2. Mysql version must be >=5.x
  3. GD,Curl,Openssl,Bcmath,Mcrypt libraries must be installed on server.
  4. Make sure register_globals is 'Off' and safe_mode is 'Off' in php configuration.
  5. Latest ioncube loader (>=5.5) is needed.

Currently we accept payments from PerfectMoney,Bitcoin. We will add more payment modes in future.

Please view our refund policy here.