DQScript updated to 1.3.2

Hello all,

DQScript is updated to 1.3.2 Changelog is below:

- Bugfix in block.io processor
- Added optional payment batch for last withdrawals site statistics module
- Bugfix for direct earnings to wallet
- Added representative system
- Bugfix for cron email in auto-withdrawal
- Bugfix for session problem after logging out.
- Visual Bugfix for calculator
- Now 0 earnings will be inserted on non-earning days.
- Bugfix for Payeer processor
- Bugfix for Perfectmoney processor
- Bugfix for payment directly to account
- Bugfix in auto payout email template
- Added optional module for continuous earning
- Added "disable auto withdraw" in investment package
- Bugfix for manual crypto rate
- Added Experimental Rate Type
- Bugfix for crypto manual rate

Note: Please backup all before updating.