DQScript updated to 1.3.0


- Updated system calculations to 10 decimal places
- Bugfix in truncating trailing zeros
- New feature to show site in multi languages.
- Set Main locale to english
- Bugfix in icon display in datatables.
- Added webhooks for block.io payments. This is valid for paid block.io accounts only.
- Separated index into header and footer in main default template.
- Bugfix in routing logic.
- Bugfix in admin packages section.
- Added additional requirement in installation for raw_post_data php.ini setting.
- Now crypto payments can be cancelled from payment page.
- Bugfix in rate fetch.
- Bugfix in block.io
- Added possibility to change primary currency of the site.
- Added minor documentation in admin panel.
- Added new option in installation to select primary site currency.
- Added standalone rates tab in admin site settings.

Things to do before updating:
- Make sure there is an 'en' folder inside template folder and all the template files reside there except _common folder.
- Make sure there is a file named '_customlabels.ini' inside 'en' folder.

How to do a multi language site:
Just like you have 'en' folder in the templates directory, make clones of that folder and rename those to language of your choice like 'fr' or 'es'. Then edit the _customlabels.ini which contains the system words that are used in the template.
Next go to admin panel site settings and set 'Allow Multilanguage' to 'Yes'.

Now to change current language, make an icon on homepage and set its link to:

This will install a cookie in your browser with current language so everytime you navigate to a different page, you will see it in your own selected language.

How to do a BTC only site:
This requires changing of the primary currency of the site which is by default 'USD'.
Now we have added an option during installlation to change the primary currency to any of the four currencies like USD, BTC, EUR, LTC.
Just set your desired currency and install the script.
Thats it!!
Note: You cannot change the primary currency after installation.

Important Note : If your site is not loading properly after updating to 1.3, which might happen as the structure is changed from 1.2.2 to 1.3 , please make sure all your template files except the _common folder is inside 'templates/en' folder.