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Who Are We

Devquill is a privately operated web agency exclusively for investment industry. It is registered in UK. Our team consists of full-time freelancers who have years of experience in web development, design, forex trading, software security and marketing. Our motto is to boost the standards of investment industry by helping admins run high quality programs with minimum investment. Our team consists of people from all over the world working 24/7 diligently to provide utmost customer service.

What Do We Offer


With this software, an Investment Manager can manage unlimited number of investments from customers. He can set unlimited packages with fixed/variable plans, pay via many payment processors including Bitcoin and Litecoin, view his periodical earnings, create referral programs etc.

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DQScript ReadyMade Templates

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Other Services

Apart from DQscript, we also provide custom services such as custom design, E-company formation, EV SSL, Verfied accounts etc. Though we have not activated all our services yet but we promise to do very soon. Please check all our services.

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Need Anti-DDoS Hosting?

In investment industry, it is essential to host your project in an anti-ddos protected server. Our hosting partner fullfills such requirement by offering a anti-ddos hosting solution which protects on all network layers (L3-L7) at an affordable price.